Elite 300 are your innovative security solutions company. With over 40 years in field experience, our staff range rom ex-military and trained personnel from all across the global spectrum.

We pride ourselves in having a rigorous recruitment and vetting process, hiring only the best security personnel with long exemplary proven backgrounds in security, the highest levels of training and standards. Adhering to ‘The Private Security Industry Act 2001’, all security operatives are licenced SIA (Security Industry Authority) an all are trained above the minimum standards set by the Authority. We have each member of our team of staff undergo enhanced security and vetting screening in compliance with BS7858 (the British Standard Code of Practice for Security Screening of individuals employed in a security environment) for your own peace of mind. Each operative is selected specifically for their skill set in their chosen field and achievements. With this process in place, you can be guaranteed the very highest levels of security and customer service.

We work in adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998

Whether you wish to be driven in and around with just an experienced driver, or have the additional security of close protection. We have a fleet of cars ranging from armoured SUVs to S Class Mercedes Benz, from Jaguars all the way through to a selection of super VIP cars by Rolls Royce and Bentley.

We offer our clients the service of going to concerts and shows with the extra security feature of having a close protection security guard with them at all times, either visible or out of sight giving the client that heightened sense of security.

Close Protection
We offer a close protection service for an officer or security guard who protects a person, or people – usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people and celebrities – from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment or loss.  With experience of utilising our staff to look after corporate clients and high value items in environments ranging from stable lower threat all the way through to hostile.

We also offer specialist close-quarter protection training to clients, family members and close support members such as baby sitters, maids and au pairs.

We provide security consultation and execution for events and can provide a team from one 1-300 security personnel, manning and monitoring the logistical aspect of the security at events, concerts and festivals. We also offer a range of small team security for Licensed Premise Protection and ensure that our experienced staff will offer the best bespoke service, including training, all which is in compliance with the Licensing Act 2003 to support and protect the owners as well as the staff of licensed venues.  We conduct reviews of current operations and give documented details as to how to implement more secure strategies and offer staff assistance to enforce.

Concierge Service
We run a VIP concierge service for our clients ranging from bookings at top venues to restaurant and hotel reservations. Because of our expansive contacts in the music and entertainment industries we also provide backstage passes and meet and greets for our elite clients. Our concierge service runs 24/7 and are always willing to provide a top class discreet service to our clients.

Commercial Security Guards
Whether it be to be stationed at a post outside your home guarding your family home whilst you’re away or a contract with a major retailer we pride ourselves in having the top trained staff who have the correct skills and mind set for the job. Some of the things we sadly see today are security guards who don’t take pride in their jobs; they don’t have a strong grasp of the English Language, they have a disgracefully relaxed attitude to their professional appearance, you find them mostly on their phones or distracted by other similar trivia such as talking to colleagues whilst leaving their post unmanned or their duties unattended to. With Elite 300 we have the tools at hand to minimise all aspects of security making sure there is as little leakage as humanly possible. We supply staff who undergo rigorous training and have a 100% satisfaction policy which we pride ourselves in upholding.

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